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Drug rehab centers Phoenix

Drug rehab centers Phoenix Phone number 480-646-4531

Drug rehab centers Phoenix

Drug rehab centers Phoenix

Worried About the Costs of Drug and Alcohol Treatment? The Right Step Will Work with Your Insurance Company to Solve the Problem.

Call Toll Free Drug rehab centers Phoenix 480-646-4531.

Now is the time to utilize your PPO health insurance plan.

Receive up to $30K or more in benefits in Drug rehab centers Phoenix‎.

You Know Someone Who Needs Us!

Help is Closer Than You Think.

No matter what your situation, you can get help with drug abuse treatment. There are options available for those who struggle with personal addictions or family of those who are addicted. You can win the fight over drugs or alcohol, and you do not have to face it alone.

We offer Services and Residential Rehabilitation, counselors available 24/7 in Drug rehab centers Phoenix.

We Can help you Directly verify your insurance coverage amounts,

coverage for both Medical Detox, services and Residential Rehabilitation.

You don’t always get a choice when it comes to your insurance because your employer might pick a PPO without asking for recommendations from employees.

 The Right Step has successfully established productive working relationships with a number of outstanding insurance companies that offer PPO network insurance coverage for drug and alcohol rehabilitation. If you need help to overcome your addiction and have purchased a PPO policy from one these companies:



Don’t see your insurance company on the list? No problem. Call Toll Free with your insurance information, and we’ll check to see if your benefits can be applied to the cost of drug and alcohol treatment.

Toll Free 480-646-4531

Drug rehab centers Phoenix.

All US states apply. (Including Alaska and HI).